Amsterdam: in pictures

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I came back from Amsterdam! There are a lot of things I want to cover, topics that are going to take several posts. I want to talk about how liberal Amsterdam is, how you can walk down a side street and go past three sex shops (it’s not like London, the dildos are there for all to see), two coffee shops and a few corner shops selling cannabis lollipops and chocolates. I want to talk about the red light district and it’s innovative and belief challenging museum ‘Red Light Secrets’. I want to talk about the Van Gogh museum and Van Gogh’s lesser known early phases, including one of my new all-time favorite pictures of a skull smoking a cigarette.

I want to talk about the tram system, the boats, and the beautiful canals. I want to talk about windmills, and cheese and how no matter where you go in life you’re apparently not that far away from an H&M. I want to write a 3,000 word dissertation on Amsterdam’s coffee shops and why the war on drugs is one of the worst ideas human beings have ever invented. I want to talk about my new life goal of living on one of those canal boats, spending my days taking photos and sitting by the water at sunset. And I want to talk about what it was like to cross three European countries and go through customs the day after Brexit.

And I will, in time. Unfortunately, my new career as a freelance writer doesn’t involve writing 500 words, getting £500 and spending the rest of the day living like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. Instead, I have to spend loads of time researching and writing about random things like horse colic, and be paid less in a month than I made in a week working in an office. But it’s still early days, I can work from my bed and people are paying me to write, so I’m pretty happy. I’m just also, unfortunately, rather busy.

I’m going to start updating this blog with more Amsterdamness in the near future, and my European/American trips are still happening so keep an eye out for the flying vegetarian. In the mean time, take a vicarious trip to Amsterdam via my amazing photographs (all taken with iPhone 5s) and I’ll see you all again soon.

IMG_6091                                            The Bull Dog coffee shop, aka my new local.

IMG_6154                                                      I’m a sucker for architecture.

IMG_6034                                              I call this photo ‘glorious tram’

IMG_6152                                                     The water looks so silky.

IMG_6098                                                        I went on that boat.

IMG_5909                                                              National monument

IMG_5907                                         Water-windmill hyrbrid outside the Science Museum.

IMG_5903                                  Our local windmill, plus canal boat and dutch graffiti.



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