New trip: Europe by Bus!

Hello everyone,

I have some exciting news. I’ve been planning a trip through Europe ever since I got back from Amsterdam in June, but I’ve spent the last two months working on getting established as a freelance writer and finally getting into the gym. I think I’m now in a position where I could work whilst I travel, so I should be heading off sometime in September!


My trip is going to be via buses and trains, hopefully without taking a single plane. I haven’t finalised all my locations, but so far my trips looking something like this:

London>Brussels>Amsterdam>Berlin>Prague>Vienna>Budapest and then either Bucharest>Sofia>Thessaloniki>Belgrade and make my way back via Italy and France, or if I get strapped for time/money/realise I hate travelling and want to go home it might go Budapest>Zegrab> Italy>Switzerland>Germany/France>Back to London.

Travelling normally costs a lot of money, but I’ve found that once you get into Prague buses, trains and hostels become a LOT cheaper than what I’ve seen in Amsterdam and Munich/Cologne. The trip will take about 1-2 months, which is my longest trip so far, and it’s going to be a solo trip.

It may be a little ambitious, but if people my age (or younger) are traipsing all over South America, Asia and beyond I think I can handle a little more of Europe. If any of you have any suggestions, recommendations or warnings please let me know via the comment section, and remember to follow my blog to keep up with all my latest adventures.


In other news, some of you may already be aware that I now run a book review website. Please take a minute to check it out by going to Leah, the book I am currently reviewing is really engaging, well-written, and the author is very nice and deserves a larger audience so if you are looking for something new to read and have an interest in mysteries, Spanish islands, psychopaths, ghosts and/or romance why not buy Leah on Amazon?

I’m also working on an article about sexual harassment towards teenagers on public transport, and I am looking for quotes to support my article. I feel this is a really important issue that almost no one seems to want to talk about even though it happens ALL THE TIME to LOADS of 11-17-year-olds (mostly girls, but I’m interested in male perspectives too), so if you have anything to share on the topic please do so by going to

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