Days 11-12: Budapest

Europe via Bus

Oh Budapest. Beautiful, cheap and historical Budapest. I am seriously considering moving there. The food is cheap, the metro system is really easy, the city is gorgeous and you can go to warm outdoor pools all year round. What more could you want?!

3rd of November

Travelling and working as a freelance writer is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I mean it sounds fantastic; earn your money back as you travel, actually do something productive whilst still seeing all the sights and spend your days sitting in fabulous cafes daintily typing away whilst everyone admires you.

In reality you either end up neglecting the sightseeing because realistically not everywhere has WiFi and spending all your money at cafes kind of defeats the point, or you neglect the writing in favour of sightseeing and end up panicking at your blank pages and long to do list. Also…

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